Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Restaurant Work is Always Ghetto

So the last time I posted I was going through a lot of drama and it went from bad to okay to things not being good to fine again, and that's where it is now. Things in my life have started to settle down and I'm starting to have a consistent schedule.

I started working at Cracker Barrel last Monday and let me just say, there's no better motivator to go to school and be successful like working in a restaurant. I'm working with some pretty cracked out people at this place.
For example, the girl who is training me is in her 30's with three kids, 1 eleven-year-old and 2-eight-year-olds. She then goes on to tell me that her boyfriend is 47 and has two daughters, the oldest being 21. He also has a granddaughter who calls her grandma.
Then there was a girl who was telling my trainer that her grandma wants her to leave her terrible husband, but the girl doesn't want to becasue she has five kids with him! She then goes on a tangent about how her grandma had 7 kids, but gave 5 up for adoption because she couldn't feed them.
What... a great role model. It's sad how those vicious cycles repeat themselves.
Then there is the girl who's pregnant and left early yesterday because she's having baby daddy drama. Need I say more.
It's people like this that are the reason I've been asked by everyone if A.) Do I have any kids? and B.) Are you married?
The answer to these questions are both no. I'm here for at the most two years until I finish college and go on to be a success in something other that waitress. Not saying that it's beneath me, but I could never do this as a career.
I foresee many more ghetto stories from work in my future.

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