Saturday, July 2, 2011

Unexpected beginnings

A lot of new and exciting things happened this week for me!
Drum roll please
(insert drum roll)
Today I had to call Cracker Barrel back to see if they wanted to have a second interview, and they told me to come in tomorrow at 2! The manager made it sound like it was just a formality and that new worker orientation started later next week. I assume he wouldn’t tell me that if they weren’t seriously considering hiring me. I sure hope they do though because I haven’t really been super serious about finding a job this week, and if I don’t get this then I’m screwed.
I also had another unexpected event happen to me this week. I got a text message from my sorority’s president about helping out with recruitment.

Sorority President: Hey Ash, now that you’re back I was wondering if you would like to help out with recruitment.
Me: Yeah that sounds fun
SP: Well how do you feel about a larger role in recruitment?
Me: Umm… sure why not
SP: Okay. How doe Vice President of Recruitment sound?
Woah! That was not what I was expecting at all. Basically what my main job is to get as many girls to want to join our sorority by any means possible (okay not ANY means, because we could get arrested). It’s actually a job I never saw myself doing. Either way I’m super happy to almost be employed and to have another leadership position in a house that I absolutely love.
On another happy note, I bought a new swimsuit! I know I can’t afford to even buy toothpaste at this point, but there are times in a girls life when the only thing that will make her happy is buying something new and let’s be real here…

It was too cute to pass up!

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