Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Restaurant Work is Always Ghetto

So the last time I posted I was going through a lot of drama and it went from bad to okay to things not being good to fine again, and that's where it is now. Things in my life have started to settle down and I'm starting to have a consistent schedule.

I started working at Cracker Barrel last Monday and let me just say, there's no better motivator to go to school and be successful like working in a restaurant. I'm working with some pretty cracked out people at this place.
For example, the girl who is training me is in her 30's with three kids, 1 eleven-year-old and 2-eight-year-olds. She then goes on to tell me that her boyfriend is 47 and has two daughters, the oldest being 21. He also has a granddaughter who calls her grandma.
Then there was a girl who was telling my trainer that her grandma wants her to leave her terrible husband, but the girl doesn't want to becasue she has five kids with him! She then goes on a tangent about how her grandma had 7 kids, but gave 5 up for adoption because she couldn't feed them.
What... a great role model. It's sad how those vicious cycles repeat themselves.
Then there is the girl who's pregnant and left early yesterday because she's having baby daddy drama. Need I say more.
It's people like this that are the reason I've been asked by everyone if A.) Do I have any kids? and B.) Are you married?
The answer to these questions are both no. I'm here for at the most two years until I finish college and go on to be a success in something other that waitress. Not saying that it's beneath me, but I could never do this as a career.
I foresee many more ghetto stories from work in my future.

Monday, July 4, 2011

What would you do?


Right now I need advice from anyone who reads this blog:
How do you deal with a friend dating another one of your friends?
Here’s the deal: This week I met up with my friend, Henry, and some other people at a bar downtown. There was another guy there named Tom, who I recognized because he’s very involved in Greek life, but I have never formally met him.
We talked for most of the night and it was nice getting to know a new person. At the end of the night, as I was saying goodbye to everyone, Henry says, “Ashleigh, can you give Tom a ride home, so Raquelle doesn’t have to drive everyone around town?”
This seemed justifiable to me so agreed and Tom and I left. What was interesting though is that Tom lives only two minutes away from Henry. Weird. However, the drive was uneventful. We said our good-byes and that was that.
The next day some of my close friends and I got together for our friend, Jon’s, birthday. Everything was winding down until Michelle randomly asked, “How was your drive home?”
“It was windy.” Of course being myself, my mind went straight to the weather.
Henry: “Did Tom try to make a move on you?”
“What? No he was a perfect gentleman.”
Now I was on alert. Did this Tom guy have a thing for me? Were my friends trying to hook us up and that’s why they asked me to drive him home? I had so many questions but I shrugged it off as nothing.
Boy was I wrong.
Thursday night, Henry, Adam and my cousin, Gabbi, (HAG) had a party at their house, and of course Tom was there. As soon as I got there it seemed like he was paying quite a lot of attention to me. We talked a lot about Greek life, school and my travels. After a while we both were getting quite tipsy and one thing led to another and all of a sudden we were making out in the closet room!
Making out in the closet room turned into making out at his house and me spending the night (we kept it PG people. Don’t let your mind to the gutter). It was fun and it was nice to have a guy pay attention to you who wasn’t some creeper in a Spanish club.
I saw Tom the next couple of days when we both hung out with our friends; everything seemed fine to me and not awkward. Then everything fell apart Saturday night.
There was another party at HAG’s house and things went from fun to horrible in a matter of seconds. Out of nowhere Henry asks me “The next time you get involved with one of my friends can I have the right to say ‘I don’t want this to happen?’”
Not only did this shock me, but also it really hurt me. I thought that Henry was trying to encourage something between Tom and I, but apparently he specifically asked Tom not to pursue me. I got very upset, started to cry and walked out of the party. Even though Henry tried to apologize, I was too drunk to accept his apology. All of a sudden everything started to snowball and we started fighting about all sorts of issues that were coming out of the woodwork. Eventually Henry just went to bed, and I laid in my cousin’s bed until I was sober enough to drive.
The next day, I was still really upset and decided to go to my parent’s house for a few days. It’s been two days and I still haven’t heard anything from Henry. I feel like I shouldn’t have to apologize. I don’t know if anything is going to go further with Tom and if it does or doesn’t, I don’t see how it would be awkward as long as Tom and I stay cool about the situation.
What do you think?
Is Henry justified or is he being over-bearing?
How should I approach the situation with Tom?
It would be nice to have some feedback because like the little guy above this the more I think about it the more confused I get.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Unexpected beginnings

A lot of new and exciting things happened this week for me!
Drum roll please
(insert drum roll)
Today I had to call Cracker Barrel back to see if they wanted to have a second interview, and they told me to come in tomorrow at 2! The manager made it sound like it was just a formality and that new worker orientation started later next week. I assume he wouldn’t tell me that if they weren’t seriously considering hiring me. I sure hope they do though because I haven’t really been super serious about finding a job this week, and if I don’t get this then I’m screwed.
I also had another unexpected event happen to me this week. I got a text message from my sorority’s president about helping out with recruitment.

Sorority President: Hey Ash, now that you’re back I was wondering if you would like to help out with recruitment.
Me: Yeah that sounds fun
SP: Well how do you feel about a larger role in recruitment?
Me: Umm… sure why not
SP: Okay. How doe Vice President of Recruitment sound?
Woah! That was not what I was expecting at all. Basically what my main job is to get as many girls to want to join our sorority by any means possible (okay not ANY means, because we could get arrested). It’s actually a job I never saw myself doing. Either way I’m super happy to almost be employed and to have another leadership position in a house that I absolutely love.
On another happy note, I bought a new swimsuit! I know I can’t afford to even buy toothpaste at this point, but there are times in a girls life when the only thing that will make her happy is buying something new and let’s be real here…

It was too cute to pass up!