Sunday, June 26, 2011

On the job hunt again

So this past week I was consumed with nothing but trying to find a job. I have to assume all attempts so far have failed. I applied at 17 different places and about half of those applications landed me an interview but so far nothing has been guaranteed.
Since I am getting nervous, I’ve seriously lowered my standards of places that I would work. So much that I applied to Cold Stone yesterday. I thought that serving and mixing ice cream would be a no brainer (I made mini banana splits at for sonic for crying out loud) but apparently there’s more to it. The workers have to sing for tips.  They also told us that if we weren’t loud and outgoing we weren’t going to get the job.
Perfect. Time for the sorority girl in me to come out.
The managers that were auditioning us split us into groups of six and gave us a list of songs. Unfortunately for me I was in a group that was dull, boring and definitely not outgoing. No one was motivated to pick a song and they didn’t want to dance either.
Anyway we chose the song done to the tune of paradise city
“Take me down to the cold stone city,
Where the ice cream’s good and the songs are witty
Oh won’t you please take me home.”
Fortunately I made it passed the first round and got an interview, but I don’t think it went well.
Douchebag interviewer: “I’ll call you by Tuesday if were interested, but just so you know, everyone who’s working in my store has auditioned at least twice.
That’s fine Mr. Douchey manager, I don’t want to work here anyway.
I think I’m not at the point of desperation that I’m willing to work fast food again.
Hopefully this week is more promising.
But to end on a happy level:
"Take pride in how far you've come, and have faith in how far you can go."

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